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Your Favorite Bars Are Celebrating Scotch

Saturday,Jul 15, 2023

Scotch whisky is a staple of bars everywhere, a serious drink for serious people. But this spirit has an interesting history going back over 500 years that may change the way you think about it.

4 Reasons to Enjoy Live Music This Summer

Thursday,Jun 15, 2023

Live music brings people together and is one of the best ways to enjoy summer. Not yet convinced? Let us give you four reasons why you'll want to join Area 23 for live music this season!

A Look at the Earliest Bars in American History

Wednesday,Feb 15, 2023

Ever wonder what bars were like before the 21st century? Read more for a little history!

Celebrating All Things Trivia!

Tuesday,Jan 17, 2023

Looking for some fun facts about trivia? Read more to find out!

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Celebrating All Things Trivia!

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