Celebrate National Drink a Beer Day at Area 23

Celebrate National Drink a Beer Day at Area 23

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Grab your friends, family, and coworkers on Wednesday, September 28th, to celebrate National Drink a Beer Day at one of your favorite bars in Concord, NH – Area 23! With a wide selection of brews and other beverages, Area 23 is sure to provide a little something for everybody’s taste buds. 


What You Can Expect

National Drink a Beer Day happens to fall on Area 23’s open mic nights on Wednesdays at 6:23 pm, just in time to settle down (or get a little rowdy) to enjoy a hard-earned brew after work. If you have a set of vocal cords and want to show us what you got, come on in, don’t be shy! We encourage anyone interested in playing, whether you’re in a band or a solo act. Rants are also welcome. We may be one of the smaller bars in Concord, NH, but we still know how to have some fun, so don’t second guess grabbing a beverage at Area 23, as we’re first come, first serve! 


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What’s on the Menu

It’s pretty obvious that beer is the essential ingredient to celebrate National Drink a Beer Day. Don’t forget to check out what’s on draft- like Area 23’s own Bettah Brew Lager, made right in Manchester, NH, or First Things, a Brown Ale made locally in Concord, NH. If Lagers and Brown Ales don’t happen to be your first choice when it comes to a beer, don’t fret, we have a wide variety of Porters, Sours, Stouts, IPAs, Ciders, and more on our online menu. If you still want in on the fun but without the hangover, we also carry a selection of non-alcoholic beer. 


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We Want to Have a Beer With You!

What better way to enjoy National Drink a Beer Day than celebrating it at one of the most unique bars in Concord, NH? With a plethora of entertaining and weird objects decorated all over the place, it’ll be sure to strike up a conversation, and who knows, maybe make some connections with other like-minded individuals!


Contact us at (603) 760-7944 or visit our Facebook for daily updates on what we’re up to!




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Celebrate National Drink a Beer Day at Area 23

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