Bringing Home the Bacon: A Delicious History

Bringing Home the Bacon: A Delicious History

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When it comes to breakfast food, or food in general, there’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of bacon. This delicious meat has become a staple in American cuisine, from breakfast to lunch, and even desserts! But where did it come from? One of your favorite bars in Concord, Area 23, is here to dive a little further into the topic and unravel the mystery, along with some fun facts!


The Origins of Bacon

Believe it or not, bacon can actually be traced all the way back to ancient Rome! The Romans used to eat a similar type of meat called “petaso.” It was made from the belly of a pig and was salted and smoked. However, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the term “bacon” came into use.

In the 14th century, bacon was an important trade item in Europe, particularly in England. Pork was abundant and easy to raise, so bacon became a staple food for many people. By the 16th century, bacon had become a major export for England, with the country sending huge amounts of cured bacon to other European countries.


Fun Facts About Bacon

  • Bacon was once used as a form of currency. In ancient Rome, soldiers were paid in salt and bacon. Some think this is where the phrase “bringing home the bacon” comes from!
  • In the 1920s, a bacon factory in the UK exploded, resulting in several tons of bacon raining down on the town below.
  • The world’s largest bacon cheeseburger was created in 2012 and weighed a whopping 2,014 pounds. 
  • Bacon is a great source of umami, the savory fifth taste, which is why it’s so delicious!
  • In 2016, a bacon-scented iPhone alarm clock was released, which wakes you up to the smell of sizzling bacon.
  • Bacon has been shown to release dopamine in the brain, which is why it’s so addictive!


The Popularity of Bacon Today

Today, bacon is a beloved food around the world, and it’s no wonder why. It’s a popular ingredient in many dishes, from breakfast foods like eggs and pancakes to lunch and dinner meals like sandwiches and burgers. Some people also use bacon in desserts, like bacon-wrapped dates or chocolate-covered bacon, even on cupcakes!


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