Area 23. The Name. The Number. The Legends.

Area 23. The Name. The Number. The Legends.

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If you know anything about our family here at Area 23, you know that we are more than the favorite local bar in Concord. We are the local gathering place for good conversation, lots of laughs, incredible live entertainment, and (of course) plenty of weird stuff, which leads us to one of the most frequently asked questions here at Area 23. What is with the name?


Well, friends, you asked, and we are delivering. Here is your inside look at just a few of the many cool things around the number 23.


Birthday Paradox

Also called the ‘Birthday Problem,’ this paradox puts 23 randomly chosen people in a group. Probability has it that of these 23 people, there is a greater than 50% chance that at least two people will share the same birthday. Pretty impressive numbers for a mere group of 23.


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Human Makeup

No, we’re not talking about cosmetics here. We are talking about the human DNA, the genetic makeup of what makes us who we are. And while every person is unique, we are all alike in that a typical human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

The average human biorhythm is 23 days, and our body circulates blood on average every 23 seconds.


Sports Greatest

Some of the best, well-known athletes in the world wear the number 23 – Michael Jordan, David Beckham, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Zach Greinke … the list goes on and on.


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Let’s Talk Math

Possibly one of our favorite categories when it comes to the number 23 is mathematics. One of the most obvious is that 23 is a prime number, specifically the smallest odd prime that is not a twin prime and consists of consecutive digits. The number is also the 5th factorial prime and one of the most cited prime numbers.

The Chinese Remainder Theorem states that if n is a natural number less than 105, 23 is the only possible value of n.


For centuries, mathematicians and scientists have studied the number 23 and the oddities that surround it. From religious occurrences to the working of some of the planet’s greatest geniuses of all time, this is one number that has consistently made an appearance. Coincidence? Who are we to say?


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Regardless, 23 is just a pretty incredible number if you ask us, and that is why we chose it. As the number one bar in Concord, our family at Area 23 welcomes you to stop in and see what all the excitement is about. Named after one of the most mysterious numbers in the universe, you can only imagine what else you find here!


Check out our events for the most recent happenings, or hop over to Facebook for the latest pics and event schedule! See you soon friends!


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Area 23. The Name. The Number. The Legends.

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