About Us




Nearly a decade ago, two friends sat down over a bottle of scotch. While that seems like the beginning of every good story, in this case – it really is. The friends sat with a vision and purpose.

The Vision:

A unique meeting place where people come to relax, enjoy local entertainment, have good conversations, and all over some of the best local brews and eats.

The Purpose:

Coming up with a name that would resonate with such a space.

Seems easy enough, right? Well, not so much when there is no current location to define the ‘actual’ space. So, the journey began. A half bottle of scotch and four pages of brainstorming later, Area 23 was born.

Area because this vision would be the place, the space, the environment – the area that people would talk about. THE local destination.

23 – Well, this one is a little more symbolic. Let us start with the 23 Monty Python Sketches and that it is Michael Jordan’s number. Did you know there are 23 chromosome pairs in the human body? Or that 23 is a prime number and 5th factorial prime? The list goes on and on so let’s just say, 23 is a pretty fantastic number, and that’s why we chose it.

Now that you know how we came to be, it is time you experienced everything Area 23 has to offer. Here, you’ll find quirky tones, always a good sense of humor, and, of course, a bunch of really weird stuff that will have you talking about this place to all of your friends. But don’t just take our word for it. Stop by and see what all of the hype is about for yourself! We look forward to meeting you!