Mug Club is Back!

It’s back, in full form for your full drinking pleasure. Area 23’s Mug Club works as follows:

1- Sign up at Area 23 for $70 bucks (Yes, here, not online. Your drink with your mouth, not your modem)

2- Get a numbered wooden fob for your key chain.

3- Get a mug club t-shirt with your name on it.

4- Show your fob to get 10% off your tab any day before 5:30pm.

5- Drink from a 20oz mug for the price of a pint any day / night ( … except Friday or Saturday when we’re so freaking busy all the mugs are hot from washing and we love you but take your beer and listen to the band and we’re just trying to keep up … but still thank you for being a Mug Club member. Offer void in Wisconsin.)

6- All merch that we sell, Mug Club members get a one week jump on buying it. Everybody else has to wait until members have a chance to get Area swag.

7- Hoodies, not included in the Mug Club member price, but only available to members. Prices will vary based on design.

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