Food and Drink

What’s up at Area 23?

We are currently open for takeout as well as outdoor dining service. For either, please enter our main doorway and check in at the bar.

Current hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 4-9pm
Saturday noon – 9pm
Sunday hours begin 6/7 noon 6pm

Tuesday activities: Trivia via ZOOM (see our Facebook page for details and links)
Wednesday: Unmic’d Unamplified Open Mic 4-9pm
Friday: Live Music (no cover) 5:30-9pm
Saturday: Jam 2-5pm, Bluegrass 5:30-9pm

We will be providing menu options that work for both takeout and outdoor seating arrangements and local beers and ciders. Mixed drinks will be available for outdoor dining on a limited basis. All food and beverages will be served on / in disposable cups and dishes for maximum food safety at this time, both for you and for our staff.
Area 23 will be in compliance with food service requirements based on current conditions. As our customers, we request that you be respectful of one another’s personal space. Please allow us time to serve each of you without clustering. Please wash your hands when you use the restrooms (you should do this anyway, don’t make us call your mothers).
Masks are not required for our customers because we are a restaurant where you will be putting food and beverages in your face. If you are sick, please be respectful and stay home. If you feel safer with a mask on, please wear one. You are all grownups and we would like to be able to treat you all that way. Now, that we’ve said all of that stuff …
A big thanks to all of you and the support you’ve show us thus far. These have certainly been trying times in many ways, but they have given me (Kirk) a greater appreciation for our staff and for you guys as well. Let’s take the good with the bad and muscle on through 2020 together. Slainte!
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